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My moment
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Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 31

Hip, hip huray, February in offically 40 minutes away and im so excited i cant even talk about it.

My run consisted of work run so thats run to work, run threw work and run home from work. Run work run work run work. OCD is still there but gone is January 2011 and never will it return. Never seen a January like it before and have to say been the best ever. No regrets. I can safely say i could not have ran any more than i did ( maybe ). And thats all i could ask for really, would have been disapointed with myself if i came home every day and thought oooowww i wish id just ran a little more today. But that didnt happen so im good with that.
Running home tonight i thought why did i just do that. Im still not sure maybe just because is as  good as any answer. When i first seen the janathon logo on Facebook from Garys profile it was all just a thought for about 3 days. A thought that haunted me for 3 days, a thought that just would not just go away. I went for a shower the day before to get rid of the thought but it was still there so thats why i had to do it.
Even before christmas my news years reso was to run more outside to work on something i havent done much of so this was the perfect solution really taking into consideration my nearest and dearest would not come out with me running cause they are under the illusion i am really fit. I have no idea what it is that put that into there heads but there you go.
Probably could not have done it with out the support of people putting positive notes on my states so thanks everyone and hope you all keep positivly motivated. Its great to think after a running day and your so tired that someone actually cared about how much and where you ran to, Strange but true.

Big well done to all and how you all give yourselves a massive pat on the back.
Te he he

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  1. Great work Sal - it's been good having you along for the ride!