My moment

My moment
turned my world upside down

Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 31

Hip, hip huray, February in offically 40 minutes away and im so excited i cant even talk about it.

My run consisted of work run so thats run to work, run threw work and run home from work. Run work run work run work. OCD is still there but gone is January 2011 and never will it return. Never seen a January like it before and have to say been the best ever. No regrets. I can safely say i could not have ran any more than i did ( maybe ). And thats all i could ask for really, would have been disapointed with myself if i came home every day and thought oooowww i wish id just ran a little more today. But that didnt happen so im good with that.
Running home tonight i thought why did i just do that. Im still not sure maybe just because is as  good as any answer. When i first seen the janathon logo on Facebook from Garys profile it was all just a thought for about 3 days. A thought that haunted me for 3 days, a thought that just would not just go away. I went for a shower the day before to get rid of the thought but it was still there so thats why i had to do it.
Even before christmas my news years reso was to run more outside to work on something i havent done much of so this was the perfect solution really taking into consideration my nearest and dearest would not come out with me running cause they are under the illusion i am really fit. I have no idea what it is that put that into there heads but there you go.
Probably could not have done it with out the support of people putting positive notes on my states so thanks everyone and hope you all keep positivly motivated. Its great to think after a running day and your so tired that someone actually cared about how much and where you ran to, Strange but true.

Big well done to all and how you all give yourselves a massive pat on the back.
Te he he

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Day 30

Yeah, i managed a picture. If you can see far way over yonder in the far distance in a land of far, far away. Thats where i live kinda. About 4 milesish from my houseish. So this is where i ended up and turned 180 opp and carried on a fair few more miles.
Im feeling abit ill i have to say. Its not for me to ever get sick but after yesterdays longish run feeling my lymphatic system kick in and today my nose was really bothering me. Im gona say im slightly run down which will probably just be fix by a good nights sleeps tonight.
Last day tomorrow

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 29

As of doing my Crammon run quite a few times this month it resembles a circle from my home, would show a map but cant figure out how to map it yet so cant. So getting towards the end of the month decided i wanted to challenge myself a bit more. Noted was the sign 4 miles to Queensferry. Today took me further than ever before to a little village out side Edinburgh "Queensferry". Never had a reason to there before now if only to put miles on my chart, but was actually pleasantly surprised at such a pretty little place.
The road i took let me to right underneath the the forth rail bridge that ive been over numerous times but never under, completly different experience altogether.

After a lot of contemplation of doing a further 6 miles to see what it would feel like to do a marathon i decided to just go home. After a good distance i thought i get the idea of what a marathon feels like. Never ran one, thought about it loads, todays the closes i got to one so im happy with that.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 28

Just a wee recovery run today, just up the road a bit and back again.

Been a challenging week with work. Not too hard but getting up at 5am and commuting to Glasgow most days
just to talk for an hour or so about shoes. Glad its over so i can get back to a bit of normality ( as normal as i can be that is)

I learned a bit, Puma have new shoes out that compare with the likes of MBTs, Schu Shape Ups and Rebok easy tones.  They are Puma Body Train. Nice neat trainers benifits - reduces pronation - help to tone all muscle legs when worn - very light weight and sleek looking compaired to the rest that are out.

Interestingly i did an Addidas campaign a few years ago so have seen both brothers side of the shoe story.
For people who are reading this and dont know about addidas and Puma.
In 1924 i believe some time during the war there were 2 brother names Aldolf and Rudolf Dazler set up a shoe factory in their very own garage which also contained their bikes and washing machines in a city/town some where in Germany. One day there was an air raid and one of the brothers had a drama whilst the other brother just got anoyed with the other brother for having a drama so they had a massive big fall out and never again did they speak to one another. Because there shoe factory was so famous they devided the company in half with half their fan base halving as well. So that even meant each fan base shopping in different shopping markets and everything.
tis was then 2 new companys formed. 1 called Addi daz  after Aldolf Dazler and the other Puma as Ruldolfs nick name in the office was Puma cause he used to prowel around like a cat.
And so the story lives on threw shoes, lifestyle clothes, fashion wear and other stuff.
You may have heard of 1 day of Peace. 21st September is a day invented by Puma to promote one day world wide of peace as of what happened in their past.

Hope the story makes up for me unmotived run tonight

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 27

Its been a long day. 4am wake up, million hours of travelling.

Bit of running in there towards Trapeze and silks practise.

Shorter run today but felt i was pick up speed a bit so was satisfied.

Heard on the radio this morning one of the presenters went to a gym class last night, hes not very flexable so the instructor told him a trick. If you cant touch your toes or ever if you want to be a few more
icnes flexible what you have to do is bit you index and middle finger together, not too hard, for 20-25 seconds and stretch then.
Apparently it opens up path ways in the centre nutral system to make it relax more.
Try it, it works

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 26

26 is one of my favourite numbers, kinda proved it today with my happy mileage boost today

Well my 5am rise this morning was very rudely interrupted by my eyes opening with a sign of 7 am on my alarm clock.
This only meant i had 0 minutes to leave the house although luckly still my 1 hour of commuting running which was satisfactory done even if i do say so myself. My commuting back from my short shift of doing nothing really between 8 and 11am was very laboured.

Got home, felt tired, havent slept much the past week so tried to sleep for 14 hours before my 4 am rise for Glasgow in the morning. Tried to sleep but only lasted 1 hour.

So ate too much chocolate ( and im really not a fan of chocolate) remember Eastenders wasnt on tonight so Urban Class it was again not because i had to just for all the right reasons as mentioned above.
Got a few extra miles out of it

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day 25

Excuse me but im so tired. I think ive slept about 6 hours in the past over 48 hours.

Up at 4.30am this morning and up at 5 am again tomorrow.

However had a great run today just commuting but got 2 x straight 5 miles and a bit of walking.

Sol good.